Desert Rocks Print

$30 + shipping

10x10" archival-quality giclee print on bright white paper.


Ley Lines #9: Enter, Holy Pilgrim

$6 + shipping

A 24 page mini comic, 1-color risograph printed by Issue Press. Co-published by Czap Books and Grindstone Comics. 2016.

A short story about the powerful effect of Gothic cathedral architecture on a peasant whose family is experiencing hardship in the feudal system.


From a Dream

$4 + shipping

A 24 page mini comic in black and white, with a two-color risographed cover printed by Perfectly Acceptable. 2014.

A surreal story about a tattoo artist and the effect of his geometric tattoos.


The Wild One

$7 + shipping

A 56 page comic in black and white, with a one-color screen printed cover. 2013.

A girl's encounter with an old woman who worships a jaguar deity sets her on a path that she did not expect.